ELECTRA is a Romanian company, specialized in the design, development and production of door phone systems, access control systems and of electronic equipment, performing since 1991 both in Romania, as well as on the international market.

The story of ELECTRA begins with an idea: what if anyone could enjoy a higher level of safety, with minimal effort? With this idea in mind, we venture in a 26-year long journey in the technical world of research, development and door phone manufacturing, in order to find the most advanced and accessible solutions for our clients.

During all this time, ELECTRA keeps up with the technological innovations and with the needs of its customers, launching products with modern and practical functions, which are 100% made in Romania. The simple and cutting-edge design, as well as the user-friendly interfaces of our products turn the ELECTRA door phones into genuine gadgets for living spaces and offices.


Producer of video door phone and access control systems


Producer of Printed Circuit Boards


Full range provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services

The diversity of production facilities within the company leads to its division into three specialized firms, with three major fields of activity, thus founding the ELECTRA Group in 2008:
  • ELECTRA – Producer of video door phones and access control systems
  • PCB-ELECTRA – Producer of printed circuit boards
  • EMS-ELECTRA – Supplier of SMD & THT electronic assembly services
Vienna – AUSTRIA

International Sales Office for video door phone and access control systems


Video door phones brand of ELECTRA Group

The experience gained up to this point enables us to expand internationally, by opening an office in Vienna, Austria - ELECTRA Building Communications GmbH and by creating the BELLCOME international products brand.
Thus, we begin developing an international distribution network, in countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, Poland and the Republic of Moldavia.

Our journey continues with the aim of bringing the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our clients to the highest level, through the passion we put in our work, but also through the advanced technologies that we use along the entire production process in ELECTRA Group.